Shree · Rama · Jayam
Calling out all enthusiasts to participate in the

National Ramayana Olympiad

Benefits of Ramayana Olympiad

  • Cognitive stimulation: Participation in the Ramayana Olympiad examination produces cognitive activity and enhances analytical power in children as well as adults.
  • Cultural knowledge: Participation provides rich cultural and historical knowledge contained in the Ramayana. It increases.
  • Lifelong Learning: Examination emphasizes learning and self-competition in life, encourages continuous traditional academic, social, cultural, spiritual and intellectual education and increases intelligence
  • Social Relationships: Adults participating in Ramayana Olympiad get to know each other and find social connection
  • Relief from tension: This epic removes the daily tension of the adults studying it, makes it spiritual and exciting and exhausting and gives them a happy mind.
  • Historical Philosophy: Through examination, we get ancient civilizations, reflected ideals from Ramayana
  • Memory enhancement: Study and remembrance of Ramayana enhances memory enhancement, and is also a stimulus for overall intellectual health and brain function.
  • Personality Growth: The Olympiad examination grows personality, as long as it shows the path of knowledge in life, as well as the ability to develop intellectual skills.
  • Educational Reinforcement: For those already familiar with the Ramayana, the Olympiad serves as a means to strengthen and deepen their understanding of the epic, contributing to a strong educational value
  • Global Perspective: The Ramayana Olympiad develops the elemental intelligence of participants to explore diverse cultural perspectives.